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Character Bios

Here are short bios for the main cast of Dragon Princess. I'll add more characters as I go.
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Minelle Runeliss Arnenn, a.k.a. Mina Click for Ref Sheet Name: Minelle Runeliss Arnenn
Nickname: Mina
Age: 17
The seventh daughter of the ruling royal family. She carries a curse that leaves her in fear but perhaps she'll gain the strength to overcome it....?
Raleigh of Salport Click for Ref Sheet Name:Raleigh of Salport
Age: 18
A naive mercenary with a gentle heart and the dream to find a princess, rescue her and...hmm, maybe he hasn't quite thought this through yet?
Zane D'Miste Click for Ref Sheet Name: Zane D'Miste
Age: 19ish
A stoic mercenary who shows little emotion, but deep down he cares about the people close to him. He loses his mind if he's not wearing the leather choker around his neck as it has magical properties...?
Queen Cecilia Click for Ref Sheet Name: Queen Cecilia
Age: around 45~50
The warrior queen and current ruler of Arnenn. With a mighty hand, she overthrew a tyrant and brought peace to the kingdom and its neighbors. Afterwards, she settled down with her husband King Wilfred and had seven daughters.
King Wilfred Click for Ref Sheet Name: King Wilfred
Age: around 45~50
King of Arnenn, husband of Cecilia, and father of Mina and six other daughters. King Wilfred is a kind, gentle soul who very much loves his wife. Perhaps opposites attract?!
Miss Issipy Click for Ref Sheet Name: Miss Issipy
Age: In her late 30's
An experienced witch and close friend to Queen Cecilia, and caretaker of Mina. She takes pride in the wart on her nose, which only the greatest witches have!
Reyan Payazzo Click for Ref Sheet Name: Reyan Payazzo
Age: 23
An evil bard that uses a hypnotic lute to control his wolf minions and a magical tuning fork to defend himself. Will we ever see him again? Who knows...
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